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General Contractors

You need the most comprehensive source of information on construction projects, period. The big ones, the small ones, the public ones and the private ones, they all represent your next potential job. As a general contractor, you also need tools to help you find the best match for your business and the contacts that can connect you to your next job. At Dodge, we help you find the best projects, collaborate with your subs and suppliers, and win the work

Find and win work in the construction industry.



Dodge Construction Central holds the most comprehensive store of information on construction projects for general contractors, with more early stage projects than any other source. Find the construction projects that are right for your business, connect with the key project players, and be alerted to the project and firm changes that matter to you.

Our Construction Administration Solution


You can’t always be around to ensure your project is running smoothly. Poor workmanship quality or cutting corners in the construction process can set your project up for failure down the line.

Our construction administration services calms these fears for building owners. We provide progress reports, site surveys, and review engineering designs to set your project up for success, and continually check-in throughout the course of the project to ensure proper protocol is followed with each step.

We offer this service at three different levels: Complete, Basic, and As-Needed. Depending on the level of involvement you feel you need for your project, we’re there to help ensure successful outcomes for your project.

Close more sales with industry leading construction

With national coverage and more early stage projects than any other source, Dodge Construction Central is the most trusted tool for finding and winning work in the construction industry. Find the projects you can provide services for, network with the key industry and project players, and be alerted to the project and firm changes that matter to you

Improve Team Collaboration

You need to collaborate and exchange project plans and documents with a variety of project participants, including general contractors and sub-contractors, to sell more of your construction services. A central repository of project information will streamline your team’s work and improve how you share and collaborate. Dodge PlanRoom was built just for you.

Build more connections to grow your business

Identify and connect with the decision makers most likely to select your specific construction service and you’ll build your business faster. And, understanding their project history and key industry relationships will help inform your prospecting efforts. Gain access to the right players and contacts to grow your business with Dodge BuildShare.

Plan with confidence

Whether planning for near term business objectives or long-term growth, the most successful construction services professionals rely on data and forecasts. Access to both historical construction data and multi-year forecasts ensures a longer-term view. With its deep source of historical data combined with industry-leading, market-driven forecasts, Dodge MarketShare provides the forecasting and market-sizing tools that give you the edge.

Engineering Design Reviews

To launch your project for success from the start, we review your engineering designs to ensure maximum efficiency & identify areas to cut costs.

Progress Reporting

We survey your construction site, and provide a detailed progress report on how your project is coming along.

Successful Project Outcomes

By ensuring workmanship quality, and optimal engineering design, you can be confident in meeting expectations & project deadlines.

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