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About nwoyikainvestment Agro Allied Services Limited

The company was registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Nigeria on January 30, 2015.

1.nwoyikainvestment Agro Allied Services Limited is reputed for the business of agricultural processing, agricultural manufacturing, agric financing, agricultural packaging, agricultural farming, agro allied farming, sale of poultry feed and fishery farming, fishing, fruit farmers, millers and manufactures of cereal products and to carry on business of manufacturing, production and sale of livestock feeds, fertilizers, pesticides, farm implements, equipment and materials.

2. Carries on the business of agricultural equipment, agricultural fertilizers (organic and inorganic), cold room and animal farming, poultry, fishing of all kinds and description. Also into the business of acquiring large acres of farm lands for arable agricultural products.

3. Carries on the business of manufacturing, farming, farm processors, farm marketers, import and export, distributors and general contractors.

4. Carries on business of trading, marketing, sales and distribution of general goods, commission agents, manufactures’ representatives, general suppliers and general contractors

    Nwoyikainvestment Agro Products

Company Details

nwoyikainvestmen  Agriculture Agro-Allied is a solely Nigerian company based in Abuja involved in the production and packaging of farm productions and processing of agro-allied products so as to assist in the growth of the agricultural sector of the Nigerian economy. Agriculture is the most important sector in the Nigerian economy. It employs 60% of Nigerians, and contributes up to 35% of the country’s GDP. Agriculture remains the mainstay of the generality of Nigerians though largely at the subsistence level. As in many other African countries, agriculture in Nigeria is mostly focused on food crops for the domestic market, given the Nigerian population estimated at 150 million people and in spite of this reality, Nigeria remains a net importer of food.
We have the vision to be one of the leading players in the agro-allied industries in Nigeria so as to be able to provide the customer with quality produce by using the right crop varieties, farm management techniques and sustained community relations.

Our Services

  • Import and export trade on various grains such as maize, soya, rice, sorghum and millet
  • Export of plantain flour
  • Export of various types of vegetables
  • Trade in processed cassava for both domestic industrial uses and for export market
  • Export of sea foods such as shrimps and various types of fishes
  • Export of Cocoa

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision

To be the preferred agro allied Service Company in Nigeria in the export of agro commodities

Our Mission

Offering the best in agro allied business with focus on export of agro commodities through the application of technology and human capital as a channel to the delivery of satisfactory services to all stakeholders.

Our Core Values

  • We believe that our farmers who deliver agro commodities to us should be treated with respect
  • We grow through innovation in commodity trading
  • We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning